Building Bridges

Last year at TAM2012, I did a workshop on Coalition Building for the Skeptical Activist. Yes, that sounds a touch boring. I lobbied for changing the title, to no avail. The focus was to bring members into a coalition that were NOT self-identified skeptics but can help your cause. It turned out not to be boring but really successful.

But, coalition building could be seen another way. It could be internal. In this case, it was a bit of that. The panel included three prominent leaders of the atheist community who differ entirely across the spectrum. From what I have perceived, Chris Stedman and Dave Silverman are on opposite ends and David Niose is in the middle. I’m happy to have cordial relationships with them all despite differences and, in one case, outright disagreement. But I don’t find the need to get nasty over disagreements. I just choose not to participate in that circle. No big deal.

As I wrote right after the event:

You may go away thinking so-and-so is a real jerk but the goal is not to have the most blog hits or twitter followers, it’s to Get r’ done. That means stop getting personal and start being respectable.

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TAM out: Now let’s get stuff done

The Amazing Meeting 2012 is history. I’d call it an overwhelming success at bringing people of like minds together to meet, share and discuss. We also laughed, hugged, congratulated and complained.

It was a very introspective event. Sure, the majority of the topics were about what’s going on “out there”, but I’m doubtful there was ever a TAM that involved more talk about each other and what is going on within the skeptical network.

What were the hot topics of TAM2012? If I went through all I learned, heard, saw and experienced, this post would be a book.

There was much private chattering and rumors but I’ll not go there since it’s unofficial and, frankly, lacks any evidence other than (unreliable personal) testimony. I’m keeping this strictly professional as I would hope others would. (Be the change…) So, I’m picking out the few themes that emerged: skepticism vs atheism, communicating with each other and supporting each other to get things done.

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