Cryptozoological podcasts – a stinker and a gem

It’s no secret I’m a bit of a cryptid junkie. In 1993, when I began fiddling around on the text-only Lynx browser, some of the topics I searched were “Bigfoot”, “Loch Ness Monster” and “Cryptozoology”. Now, one simply can’t keep up with all the various cryptid-themed blogs, podcasts, webpages and news stories. Bigfoot is truly Americana and cryptozoology is a pop culture novelty. There is good stuff, really good stuff and stuff that stinks like a supposed Skunk Ape.

I decided to be daring this Saturday AM and try out two new radio shows (downloadable as podcasts because I physically can not sit by my computer listening to live radio) about cryptids. I loaded up the iPod early and carried it throughout the day.

Both shows gave me a laugh but for completely different reasons. One’s a stinker; the other is a total GEM and qualifies as a MUST DOWNLOAD every week. Read More »