Paranormal-themed nonfiction TV: A list

I was writing an article when I realized I needed a clear idea about when this whole amateur investigation reality-television thing became popular. So, I started a list. (I’m a good Googler.) Here is a list of TV shows (series) that portray the paranormal as real or examine it as possibly real. Some are reality-type…… Continue reading Paranormal-themed nonfiction TV: A list

Ghost hunters as “really good researchers, I guess”

Story from The Onion: ‘Ghost Hunters’ Enjoys Surprising 100% Success Rate “What can I say? We’re just really good researchers, I guess.” At press time, despite having repeatedly resolved the most central question of human existence, the program is somehow not on the cover of every major newspaper, magazine, and scientific journal in the world. Sure,…… Continue reading Ghost hunters as “really good researchers, I guess”

Everyone panic. Or not.

A few weeks ago, I moved my desk next to an upstairs window overlooking a Bradford pear tree. For the past 3 weeks, when I sat at the desk during the day, periodically, a flock of about 50 starlings would swoop in and land on the tree,  devouring the shriveled fruits up like grapes. Then,…… Continue reading Everyone panic. Or not.

Whispers…Part 3 Anomalies and a new science

This is Part 3 of 3. The entire series is available as a PDF at my website. Centuries of scientific and popular observations has given us a body of anecdotes peppered with actual physical measurements and recordings of anomalous phenomena occurring prior to large earthquakes. This fact is not in doubt. It has become well…… Continue reading Whispers…Part 3 Anomalies and a new science

Book Review: Lake Monster Mysteries

Book Review: Lake Monster Mysteries By Benjamin Radford and Joe Nickell 2006, University Press of Kentucky How many good books about the world of lake monsters are out there? If you discount the plethora of Loch Ness books, not many. One with a skeptical tone was absolutely needed. This book is not lengthy – I…… Continue reading Book Review: Lake Monster Mysteries

Whispers…Part 2

Of all the natural disasters we experience regularly here on Earth, the most violent and destructive are earthquakes. Thousands are killed each year, especially in poorer countries where buildings are not designed to withstand the violent shaking and rolling of the ground. I’ll continue my discussion of currently unexplainable or poorly explained phenomena that have…… Continue reading Whispers…Part 2

Whispers from the Earth

I spent a significant portion of my reading time the past year researching the latest ideas about earthquake prediction. I’ve always been fascinated by reports of earthquake lights and animal behavior foreshadowing a quake. One of my favorite books is “When the Snakes Awake” by Helmut Tributsch. I recently reread it and it prompted me…… Continue reading Whispers from the Earth

Unexplained Blobjects

I love when a creative word is coined that so neatly (and humorously) describes a cultural meme that needs describing. Several months ago, I came across a favorite new word, my neologism of the year. Blobsquatch While examining the questionable Sasquatch (Bigfoot) photos that pop up regularly on the Cryptomundo blog, I was introduced to…… Continue reading Unexplained Blobjects