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Bio for programs: Sharon Hill, P.G., EdM, is a geologist with a specialty in science and society and public outreach for science. She is the creator and editor of the unique critical thinking blog DoubtfulNews.com that casts an informed and skeptical eye on questionable topics that appear in the media such as the paranormal, alternative medicine claims, pseudoscience, and anomalies. She researches and writes about the paranormal, monsters and natural phenomena for various blogs and publications including Skeptical Inquirer and Fortean Times. As a Scientific and Technical Consultant for Center for Inquiry, she authors a monthly column on the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry site called “Sounds Sciencey” that calls out fake and pretend science and sham inquiry. As owner of Lithospherica, LLC, she advocates for evidence-focused skepticism, providing consults, training, and presentations for paranormal investigation groups, writers, journalists and businesses.


I post as “I Doubt It” at various forums and blogs.

I’m a scientist/policy/regulation person by profession, with a B.S. in Geosciences and a Masters degree in education focusing on science and the public. I’ve been active in the skeptical community since 1992.

I’m interested in anomalous natural phenomena of all kinds. I like talking to skeptics and non-skeptics alike. My favorite subjects are paranormal, cryptozoology and Fortean phenomena.

My main interest is the idea of “sham inquiry” or passing off activities that look like science but really aren’t, what I called “being scientifical”. I can see this happening in paranormal and non-paranormal issues everyday from ghost hunting to environmental activism. I’ve published a thesis about amateur paranormal investigation groups and plan to research more on the public understanding of science.

Hill, S. A. (2010) “Being Scientifical: Popularity, Purpose and Promotion of Amateur Research and Investigation Groups in the U.S.” [Thesis] Master of Education – Science and the Public, State University of New York at Buffalo.

Copies are available upon request.

I also write a column on this topic for the Center for Skeptical Inquiry called Sounds Sciencey.

Most of my time is running the site Doubtful News: a unique feed of paranormal, pseudoscience and critical thinking stories making the news. Come discuss the latest topics hot off the internet!

In addition to this I’m an author for:

And I do various speaking engagements, workshops and guest appearances. For more, see my Bio page. I am available for interviews, scientific consulting, conferences, workshops, commission writing, and training programs.  Contact me at PAskeptic@gmail.com

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Credit: D. Loxton and Skeptic Magazine (posted online skeptic.com in March 2010)