Response to UFO stories are predictably rude and ironic

I posted this story on Doubtful News 3 days ago: UFO hoaxer fuels worry about an attack on Turkey

Since then, it was shared by several UFO-news-related sites bringing a certain vocal audience in to comment. I observed that this subsection of the audience didn’t actual understand what the story was about but instead created a straw man argument from me (and another contributor Scott). They assumed that our position is: UFOs are not real, UFOs are not alien craft, aliens aren’t real, humans are the only life in the universe, we know everything, all these claims are hoaxes, and so on…

But we never stated any of these broad generalizations. The story was very particular – there was a claim about UFOs attacking Turkey. It turned out to be a social media hoax designed by a group intent on creating a sensational story. The photos used were not all new and it appears to have sparked some copycat effect (others sharing similar photos) or misinterpreting other features which were then shared to add to the wave of information. On the surface, it looked to be news but it wasn’t. It was manufactured, a rumor that was never substantiated but still took on a life and spread. For too many people, they simply accept the shallow story delivered in a dubious vehicle without even thinking about it. And, they are threatened by people who question their alternative worldview that incorporates unverified claims. They are intent on discrediting and insulting them, as well. This is unfortunate. I don’t see the need for it when society would be a better place if people didn’t overreact, lash out and be uncivil.


Several commenters were quite nasty calling me a troll, shill, loser, a hater, a Doubting Thomas, closed minded, uncritical, a “disinformation agent”, saying I need to grow up, wake up, or do some research, that I was in “la la land,” committing “slander,” and  “vomiting accusations”. Ok, then…. They sure are vehement. Ironic, though, isn’t it?

I’ve hit a nerve simply by challenging the belief system of UFO believers. That’s to be expected. The Internet has allowed me to voice my opinion and it allows other to misinterpret what I said and lash out. My software allows me to limit that low discourse from appearing on my website. Let’s put it this way, I’d kick your ass out of my house for saying that to my face, so I’m going to kick you off my website for being ridiculously rude and obnoxious.


7 thoughts on “Response to UFO stories are predictably rude and ironic

  1. Stick to your guns. Fake is fake, dumb is dumb, rude is rude. Either masses of Turks saw UFOs over various of their cities, or they did not. The evidence is conclusive that they did not, therefore this story is completely bogus . In fact, a friend of mine with contacts in Turkey reported back to me that these well informed contacts know nothing about this matter — they are aware of no one claiming to have experienced these sightings, they’re seeing no reports about this in Turkey’s straight media or social media, etc. UFO believers can think what they like — but they really need to consider that no serious consideration of the UFO phenomenon can be attempted without the rigorous exclusion of hoax cases.

  2. The most popular YouTube hoaxer at the center of the debacle, Tyler Glockner, encourages a cultish loyalty. He claims everybody who debunks or contradicts him is a troll, a disinfo agent or a hater who is jealous of his subscriber numbers, and he is the only one who can be trusted to deliver the truth. Getting called out in the same tabloids that are responsible for creating his audience clearly got under his skin and he went on a rant about it in his latest video.

  3. Not really. In fact, it’s predictable. The shakier their ground to stand on, the more they can only use ad hom attacks and straw men.

  4. That is GREAT! I was really impressed that The Express quoted UFOofInterest. Maybe he’s gone too far and he’s peaked.

  5. Did they? I’m surprised, as The Express is one of the leading *promoters* of hoaxes.

    I wish I could be optimistic about the demise of Secureteam 10, but Tyler will continue to create more hoaxes as long as he can draw an income from them, and tabloids will feature the fakes as long as they bring in pageviews. In this case a few of the tabloids seem to have estimated that a UFO controversy would perform just as well as a hoax.

  6. UFO’s are real. What the fanatics forget is by definition they are “Unidentified”. Until they are identified as alien or something else they will remain a UFO, an “UNIDENTIFIED flying object.

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