I’m off to NECSS! The Northeast Conference of Science and Skepticism this weekend to talk about “Sounds Sciencey“. Should be an interesting time.

Just yesterday, PA Nonbelievers released a video of my talk from last September at their conference. Now, I was hesitant to speak at an atheist event because promotion of atheism is NOT what I do. I do skepticism. But Brian graciously allowed me to talk about whatever I wanted so I talked about skepticism in the crossover – the skepto-atheism conflation that was happening. It’s still happening. Just this past weekend, Matt Dillahunty gave a talk about skepticism and atheism. He is a great speaker, but the message, I felt, was flawed and weak. While it sounded fantastic, if it was written out, it would not stand up the same.

Skepticism is NOT atheism. He pooh-poohed the Media Guide to Skepticism. He even got the name of the website wrong. But I didn’t expect to see an uptick in downloads regardless because he told people what he thought about it so it was not an encouraging promotion of the document.

But THAT’S the thing. SKEPTICISM IS NOT ATHEISM. Atheists are going to possibly have an issue with it because it’s not written for them. This was a community document, an ideal, for skepticism. 

So, I really don’t care much that the atheists (or at least one) thought it gave religion a free pass. But if you want a document that shows you what skepticism is about, I think it’s a decent start. It is available here.

Here is my talk linked below – I mention Bigfoot, with Matt Moneymaker sounding sort of religious in his pronouncements about Bigfoot knowledge. I also mention indirectly the disagreements and animosity going on the skepti-sphere. Things have calmed down a little bit. But divisions are deep now. Camps are entrenched. I talk about coalitions (JREF coalition workshop) and a strong community to move forward and do things. I still think that’s important.

So this weekend at NECSS, one of my goals is to strengthen my network. That’s never a useless activity.

Let me know what you think about whatever I say. I do try to listen.

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