Want to start a Jersey Devil flap?

I’m confused and frightened by how bad I want these. Not that I would wear them, but because they are art and an engineering wonder. Also, I could find an interesting use for them.


These are custom-made boots that make realistic hoof-prints. Perfect for causing a Jersey Devil panic. (I would TOTALLY use them for that.) Check out OonaCat’s page for more info. This is just an example of her custom work.

The traditional idea of the Jersey Devil.

If you listen to Monster Talk, you would know that I named the Jersey Devil as my favorite monster.

For THE BEST expose on the Jersey Devil, see this Skeptoid piece.

And more is to come soon on this critter.

Screen Shot 2013-03-05 at 11.15.29 AM


2 thoughts on “Want to start a Jersey Devil flap?

  1. I think they are great, but wonder how far one could walk in them! To say nothing of leaving hoof marks! I have a friend that does a “workout” (it’s a DVD) for women that want to wear high heels…or boots like these. Calves and ankles of steel!

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