A week loaded with Doubtful stuff

It was a very exciting week! Here’s just some of the stuff that went on.

I was busy updating pieces on the Ketchum Sasquatch DNA project. One will appear as a special report in the next Skeptical Inquirer and will give you a run down of the timeline and what went on. A longer version of this will appear in Skeptical Briefs with more details. As far as I know, this will be the only place where this story will be published in print.

So many big stories this week on Doubtful News! I was able to connect with a genetics PhD who looked at the Ketchum data and broke the story which caused the hit counts on their video discussion about it to go from the 200s to the 2000s and get lots of attention. Of course, that came with many commentators to the site defending Ketchum’s data but overlooking the sloppiness of her presentation. There were several developments but you can read those in other posts here and on Doubtful News.

I finished the update on mysterious hairless beasts.

Virtual Skeptics was a great episode last Wednesday. Brian showed cockroach-inspired robots, Bob is case zero of an outbreak of “the crazies” (talking about mass pscyhogenic illness [mass hysteria]), Eve considers the evolution of Scottish lake monsters (Morag), Sharon descends into the Eighth circle of Hell, otherwise known as Bigfootery (the Ketchum Sasquatch DNA saga) and Tim asks, Did you know….? and updates us on Mabus (Dennis Markuze, known harasser of skeptics and atheists, who had a hearing this week). I manage to give Eve a new moniker after she got me back by sending me the Ketchum April Fools reference story. If you remember last week, she called me a “rock-fondling she-wolf” so I dubbed her a “forum-lurking, Old Norse-reading Valkyrie”. Of course, we actually like our new names. Now we need one for each of the guys. Check it out.

Also, I was a guest on this week’s Skeptic Zone episode #228, one of my favorite podcasts. Richard Saunders was GENIUS in putting this piece together. I’m the first segment and then there is the promo spot for Doubtful News. Thanks, Richard.

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