New “skeptic” podcasts to check out

Check out some new podcasts! Here’s an intro to a few that have become available in the past year, well worth trying out.

Strange Frequencies Radio is on iTunes now. I subscribe using Downcast app on my iphone which I TOTALLY RECOMMEND
Here is their feed.

This is an irreverent, silly show, broadcast live. Former ghost investigators, they have pro paranormal and skeptics on the show and are VERY good skeptics themselves. Topics range from paranormal to cryptozoology to religion to social issues to browsing at the book store. I find it immensely entertaining.

I am participating in the brand new podcast Skeptical Connections with Marc David Barnhill. It’s about practical skepticism and features a variety of pieces by lovely people. I really enjoyed Amy Froshour Kelly’s piece on an alternative treatment in episode two. And I did a piece on electromagnetic sensitivity (wifi and others) for episode one.

Finally, if you like Skeptoid, you will like Oddments, the podcast by the College of Curiousity (Jeff Wagg). Also a fun, easy to digest length show that is just totally entertaining.

My standard podcast runs include: Monster Talk, Meet the Skeptics, The Skeptic Zone, Skeptoid, Skeptics with a K and Token Skeptic. My latest GEEK OUT is Tetrapod Zoology (I should have been a zoologist.) Note: With Downcast app, I can listen to individual episodes of lots of other shows without EVER having to hook up to itunes. It’s well worth the few bucks.


One thought on “New “skeptic” podcasts to check out

  1. I have yet to listen to SFR, but I agree with the rest of your suggested podcasts. They are all quite good. However, I would suggest that “Be Reasonable” by Hayley Stevens and Marsh is also worth a listen. They recent uploaded their second episode, and so far it is good material.

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