The TRUTH about Spike TV’s $10 million bigfoot hunt

I’m proud (certainly not quite the right word) to call Tim Holmes a friend (and sometimes admirer). He’s a nice guy with an unconventional outlook on the world. In HIS world, Bigfoot is out there and UFOs visit regularly.

I wrote about Tim and the Who Forted gang after I attended the premier of the film The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching. (Tim IS the Bigfoot Hunter)

Tim (at right) and the Who Forted crew at the premier of The Bigfoot Hunter
Tim (at right) and the Who Forted crew at the premier of The Bigfoot Hunter

Tim was recruited to try out for Spike TVs new Bigfoot hunter show. I talk about the news of this show, offering a $10 million dollar prize here:  Finding Bigfoot just got REALLY serious! (UPDATED: Prize money) | Doubtful News.

It appears that the only PROOF that will be acceptable to win the money will be a body. That is good enough for proof for sure but that $10 mil is pretty safe as it stands. The problem? People, maybe not quite like Tim but close, are running around with guns looking to shoot a man-like creature. I can’t even begin to address all the issues with that…

Here is Tim ranting about being off the show.

And watch for the internet premier of The Bigfoot Hunter: Still Searching coming soon. You WILL want to see it. After watching that, you will surely be as disappointed as I am that Tim will not be a part of it.


3 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Spike TV’s $10 million bigfoot hunt

  1. This is so dangerous. As a rural living person, I know to stay out of the woods during hunting season, wear orange, stay on trails and paths. There is also a hunting season. What is the season for hunting Bigfoot? We all know there are many human deaths during deer hunting season, accidents happen to even seasoned hunters. To think of people running around shooting at Bigfoot, is scary.

  2. There is a thin line between extreme happiness and extreme bitterness. In this case the difference is a phone call with a denial over a television spot. Sometimes you have to laugh.

  3. I fear what could happen with this, hope it doesn”t. The endless parade of reality shows gets ever more disgusting and has produced some bad side effects in the past.

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