Yeah, we went there on Virtual Skeptics episode 20. My fault. It’s holiday week so some were busy traveling but we planned our normal get-together without much thought in mind of what we might talk about.

I had a story about Jehovah’s Witnesses quietly giving up on the taboo of blood transfusions, especially for their children. They realize they can’t win against the courts. Their main issue is that it not be disclosed to their community. The doctor’s hand takes away their decision to refuse treatment. And… we drag another nonsense religious belief (that kills people) kicking and screaming into the 21st century.

Then, I air my post-Festivus grievance – the overwrought talk of feminism on what were originally skeptically or atheism-themed online areas. It’s not the subject that bothers me – it deserves discussion – but the way things have been going (I can’t say progressing because they have simply gotten worse).

I have avoided talking about it but have been labeled anti-feminist by a few loudmouths who think they can push their values on everyone else, even stating their word is gospel over women who have built careers in a very male dominated field, as I have. This is a difficult issue that is currently all about VALUES, not so much evidence at this point. That’s were we get into trouble. Besides that, all nuance is out the window. Several who wish to make this subject their platform or their sole commentary eschew subtleties,  respect for others’ opinions, and professionalism a good bit of the time. We discuss whether it’s a good idea or not to address “women’s issues”. It’s certainly a double-edged sword, as special guest Barb Drescher notes.

The topic is broken into two parts in the broadcast with some trivia questions in between – that almost NO ONE GOT! But I do need to make a correction to the rhino story. They may poison the living animal’s horns or the specimen horn stolen from museums contain toxic preservatives. See this link.

And then we go back to the feminism topic. I’m not sure what to think it, I make clear it’s not my area of research or expertise. All I know is what I’ve experienced in my own life. And that I am not pleased by what I’ve seen from several female and male “skeptics”. It’s been a failure. So, I’ve not talked about it much and I don’t intend to inject my opinion anywhere unless asked. I wish there was a better way to discuss it but it’s uncomfortable and fraught with peril to even mention it. For a freethinking community, that’s the most awful thing of all.

Please watch and let me know what you think. Compare this discussion to others you have seen take place online. I’m fully aware of which types of rhetoric gets the hits but which do you prefer?

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