New Sounds Sciencey post: Apocalyptic January and the Portents of Doom

I posted a new piece that was inspired by two Januarys in a row where weird things were in the news. Then, I found some common themes between the two. Here’s a preview:

In January 2012, the Internet was buzzing over a string of reports about strange sounds coming from the sky. It’s what Forteans would call a “flap,” meaning there is an outbreak of activity in a relatively short time span that causes a commotion. This flap reminded me of last January (2011), when another flap manifested. This one got the public all aflutter over mass animal deaths, mostly birds and sea critters.

Interested in the cause behind these anomalies, I noticed some common causal agents proposed as plausible in mainstream commentary that were very similar to those thrown around on conspiracy and paranormal forums. They were science-based Doomsday agents, effective in scaring the bejeezus out of generally rational people. And the arrival of 2012—heavily weighted with (very commercially exploited) “End of the World” overtones—serves to popularize these stories even more.

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4 thoughts on “New Sounds Sciencey post: Apocalyptic January and the Portents of Doom

  1. it is virtually impossible to scare the bejeezus out of rationial people with unsustainable silliness. Most things that happen have a reasonable scientific explanation. Granted some things Charles Fort wrote about were strange but can be explained without involving the devil.

  2. Why should a comment be awaiting moderation? I spent 4 years in the Marines and 13 months in Viet Nam so we could all speak. Did someone miss the Constitution or what the Supreme Court said below? Notice the
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    Supreme Court Justice
    William Renquist

  3. Someone’s personal blog is not your free-for-all soapbox. But you are free to go start your own blog and say whatever you want. That is free speech.

    Moderation prevents a decent site from turning into a pit of name calling, spam, nonsense and profanity. If you have something meaningful to add to the discussion, craft it carefully and I will approve it.

  4. i just want to know what that sound is its really creepy. weve been hearing it for months, its not cars plains or anything like that, so what is it huh? its weird cuz i actually HEAR the vibrations and i can feal them when i lay down outside, and it gets way louder

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