Bigfoot “facts” for kids?

Bigfoot Evidence has posted a link to a website called “Is Bigfoot Real” [refrain from clicking unless absolutely necessary] which contains a page called “Bigfoot Facts for Kids”.

The so called “facts” given are as follows:

  • Where Has Bigfoot Been Seen? Bigfoot has been spotted all over the world. People often see Bigfoot in wooded areas or high in the mountains.
  • What Does Bigfoot Eat? Bigfoot is an omnivore. This means he eats both plants and animals. Researchers say Bigfoot eats nuts, berries, fish and deer.
  • How Does Bigfoot Act? Bigfoot is shy. He likes to live with others of his own kind but doesn’t like being around people. He doesn’t like to have his picture taken so it’s hard to get him on film. Bigfoot talks to each other by making loud calls across long distances.
  • Does Bigfoot Hurt People? No, Bigfoot doesn’t try to hurt people on purpose. Sometimes though, when people accidentally wander into his territory, he’s been known to throw rocks at them to frighten them away. Bigfoot isn’t trying to be mean. He’s just trying to protect his home and family.

Well! It’s the Internet, we can pull facts out the air, I guess.

I submitted this comment to the site (which is not frequently updated or complete):

How do you KNOW these “facts” about how Bigfoot behaves? We have never caught one and no scientist has ever observed one to determine what they eat or if Bigfoot is “mean”, etc. This is guessing without any evidence except what others have said. Those are stories, not knowledge.

Centuries ago, people knew “facts” about witches and demons. Are those real too?

The Is Bigfoot Real site says: “Our mission is not to make you believe or not, but to supply the information and let you be the judge.” How can one make a sound judgement when the information is flawed to begin with? How can one reasonably decide when only one point of view is given. It’s a biased point of view – it’s obvious the writer does think Bigfoot IS real and is delivering information to skew one to that point of view as well.  And, worse, the author is delivering this information to kids.

We can’t stop people from putting stuff on the Internet but we can call out nonsense when we see it. Don’t click on the links to the Is Bigfoot Real site. It’s best that stuff like that just gets buried and remains obscure.

By the way, I have a kids monster site. It needs updated (volunteers wanted!) but it’s here: Seeking Spooks and Monsters

UPDATE: Check out a spinoff of this piece: “You are Not Entitled to Your Own Bigfoot Facts”


22 thoughts on “Bigfoot “facts” for kids?

  1. I don’t see a great deal of evidence for any of the facts presented, but, like the child in the photo, I find myself strangely hypnotized by bigfoot’s spider-like fingers.

  2. I forgot to add… My comment to the post at the Is Bigfoot Real site have not been posted yet. They remain “awaiting moderation”.

  3. PS: Really interesting site, your Spooks and Monsters. Very useful, thank you for doing this. I am going to share this with my little one; I think she’ll love it.

  4. history about bigfoot? ihave searched evrything i could and all of it sound fiction i dont get it.
    will anybody ever find bigfoot who knowsany comment back to me about my qwestions i need answers its hard to find answers when all of it is fiction sometimes.

  5. the fact that you don’t even want people to click on the link shows your ignorance. until you actually have proof that bigfoot doesn’t exist then you should refrain from being so confident. How can so many people have countless sightings? what exactly are these people seeing if it’s not a bigfoot? The facts about the rock throwing and calling across long distances are just that, facts, that many people have witnessed. Bigfoot has been around long before man, it has over 200 different names known across the world and especially by the indians who also inhabited North America before the white man did, or do you not believe that either?

  6. How would I prove that something doesn’t exist? That’s an illogical thing. The issue here is that you are making a huge claim that has poor quality evidence to support it. If this creature has existed alongside us for so long, WHY such weak evidence?

  7. The evidence lies within each person who either heard or saw one with their own eyes. Like myself, i heard and saw it and it is real and i have 2 people who stood by me and also saw it, along with the thousands of other people who have first hand encounters with them. What i cannot believe is, that many people would be lying about what they saw? I’m not looking for attention or credit or anything other than sharing with you my experience and the feeling i had racing through my whole body when i looked up and saw a sasquatch. As a human, you think you know pretty much everything that exists on the planet but when you see it, all that i could feel was fear and confusion. I didn’t know what i saw when it happened but after i calmed down and started talking about it we realized what it was. All i’m saying is, don’t be so quick to judge until you actually talk to some people who’ve actually had first hand experiences with the subject. I’m anxious to hear your response.

  8. Squatch: I will not dismiss or belittle your experience since many people have had similar that they could not explain at the time and later attributes to paranormal or supernatural causes. That is weak, potentially worthless, evidence to another person.

    Please understand I do not judge YOU but have separated out the claim from the person. To be fair, I would severely question my own sighting, considering a wide range of potential explanations. I would not likely conclude “Bigfoot” based on just my personal experience since I would not have sufficient evidence to convince others. I would stick with “I don’t know” rather than an unsupported conclusion.

    What I can confidently conclude is that a scientific process which controls for one’s personal biases is the best way humans have figured out for determining what is reliably true about the world. If you consider other ways of knowing (like personal interpretation and revelation), wouldn’t we be endlessly confused about what to believe? Therefore, I’m afraid I can’t use your story as evidence and strongly feel that it is not sufficient to support your “facts” about Bigfoot. Stories can guide us on where to look. However, after 50 years of looking, we have no established facts. Just more stories.

  9. The burden of proof is always on the person who makes the extraordinary claim. Take the two claims here:

    1. A human relative the size of an inflamed moose is living in North America.
    2. Nuh-uh.

    The burden on proof is on the person who is making the positive claim, that there IS something. And for a claim this big, this important, personal stories are not enough. Sure, we’d expect stories of encounters if they existed, but because of the way the human mind works, we’d expect stories of encounters if they DIDN’T exist. So we need more. Not fuzzy damned pictures. The Gigantic Humongous Squid is geographically far more remote than the Bigfoot is thought to be and we still have been able to get really good pictures. There is a reason he don’t have photos, and it’s probably not “shyness.”

    That is all.


  10. i see where you’re coming from and i agree that until we find one dead or have some CLEAR visual evidence there will always be non-believers. I do believe we will never capture a live specimen for any kind of study. If i hadn’t seen with my own eyes i would be classified as a “i believe but i need proof”. Because believing is just more fun. Did you know that in Denver CO. the DOT had to make signs for “Bigfoot Crossing” because so many people reported sightings in that area. I’ve spoken with people who will clearly never believe bigfoot exsists unless they are shown one and with people who have never seen one but do not doubt the fact that it could exsist. It’s all good conversation if you ask me. I’ve enjoyed our convo as well. Peace.

  11. Squatch: I hope I conveyed that not all skeptics are nasty cynics. We just want to talk this through. Thanks for visiting and for your participation. Come back anytime. Good luck in your quest!

    (edited for faulty auto correct. Oops)

  12. Hey, Squatch. Why do you believe we will never capture a live specimen of a bigfoot? Because he’s shy? That’s a lame excuse. We’re humans. I’m sure we can outsmart a giant apeman like creature. And if you’ve seen one, you know where it lives. Bring someone that has gun experience with you, and shoot that bigfoot with a tranquilizer dart and bring it in for study.
    How hard can that be? And why haven’t anyone done so over the last 50+ years?
    Considering how many sightings we’ve had of this elusive creature over the decades, it can’t be an impossible task.


  14. T,


  15. I do not allow mindless yelling here. That’s the last comment I’ll approve from Squatch. Way to be smart and classy (not). That’s totally unprofessional.

  16. Everyone just keep in mind that 20 or so years ago people were talking about seeing a Duck-billed Platypus. People thought they were crazy and that something like that would never exist in nature. They later determined that it had been here for thousands of years. Why is it so hard to believe that an ape-like creature might be out there. I totally understand why people want more evidence though. I’ve been watching tons of documentaries, and it seems that there have been numerous DNA samples provided that come back as an unknown large primate with human-like DNA. Those have all been from hair samples. Why is this not proof enough that at least there is an undiscovered species? I don’t care what anyone thinks either way. I’m just curious why noone will accept the DNA evidence as a possibility that something unknown is out there. Do you not trust the DNA labs that did them?

  17. Two things: the identification for the platypus was done on an actual body. If we had an actual Bigfoot body, the dispute would be over. Second, DNA of unknown origin, collected in the wild can be contaminated. There has been no good DNA result that show definitively that a new animal exists. New species are declared with type specimens. Even pieces would do- like teeth or bones. We don’t even have that after looking for 50 years.

  18. If this Bigfoot is real, they may never find a full body. The places that they supposedly live are full of other scavengers. It would take a lot of luck to find a full carcass. Plus, primates are said to retreat into small, secluded places when they are dieing. Maybe that’s why none have been found. Who knows? I’m not saying they’re for sure real. I’m new to all of this anyway. I am trying to go on a Bigfoot Expedition in November with the BFRO. I figured that it would be fun whether we saw anything or not, lol. Maybe I’ll come back with some proof ; ).

  19. LOL! If I get approved, I’ll get to go. It’s an all female expedition. Kinda scary regardless of whether there is a Bigfoot or not. There are bears and panthers, lol.

  20. Some years ago I heard a child cry for help at the bottom of the stairs at a hotel in Derbyshire. There was no child there. A lady next to me heard it too, she turned white and told me that a child was rumoured to have died there many years ago after falling down the stairs.

    A couple of years later, in the middle of a night shift on a deserted area of a chemical works that no-one would work on after dark because of ghostly rumours I accompanied a foreman who had to make a routing check on some equipment. We both clearly heard footsteps following us on the gravel but of course there was no-one there.

    Do I believe in ghosts as a result? Not necessarily. I do believe that the mind can play tricks on us though. Do I believe in Bigfoot? Maybe. But the above comment still applies.

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