Bigfoot – The walk-on extra

Lots of us have pocket video camera phones, we are being filmed by security cams and night vision cams are a fun toy to play with. The latest role for Bigfoot/Sasquatch in his media role appears to be as the unobtrusive walk-on extra in tourist and run of the mill videos. I love these. And by “love” I’m being sarcastic. I hate them, they are goofy, but the media and YouTubers go wild. It sends Bigfoot advocates and skeptics into analysis/accusation/ridicule mode. Here are a few of the most popular clips.

Bigfoot hunted by helicopter

Bigfoot Family sighting in Utah

Bigfoot captured on iPhone

Bigfoot on police dash cam. This last one looks an awful lot like a bear to me. But the quality is poor and you just can’t see detail. This video, featured on Animal Planet’s Finding Bigfoot, was from 2009 and has been dissected already by many people. Here is a local news report.

Each video provides no valuable contribution to the body of evidence for those suggesting the big guy is out there, evading our normal means of detection. *Sigh* Yes, the videos are supposed to look casual and capture very normal, mundane activity at first. But then, what’s that?! After they view it later, they discover a black shape moving (in a quite human fashion) far in the distance but curiously in the frame.

There are several possible explanations here:

1. Hoax. As mentioned, these things get attention on slow news days. And to show just how easy hoaxing is, don’t miss this!

2. Guy in dark clothes or a bear. It’s too far to tell if the thing is furry or a person in black. Maybe he DID just wander in and got his lucky, anonymous break into entertainment.

3. Bigfoot. Instead of standing stock still and blending in the background (as he apparently frequently does to remain undetected), he carelessly runs into the camera frame.

For #3, we have to assume the following: there is a Bigfoot creature; people were there very near him even though it seems like a rare thing since we never see him out in the open; they happened to have their camera running; and he happened to just wander through. For #2 and #1 we have to assume A LOT less. Which is the most reasonable explanation? Not #3. Amateur videographers, you’ll have to do better than this to convince the slice of the public who can think critically. Don’t even get me started on the bugs on the security camera lenses….people!

Bigfoot goes to Mars and we manage to photograph him there!

14 thoughts on “Bigfoot – The walk-on extra

  1. After seeing the videos you linked to up there, I have to ask: Is this what bigfoot sightings have widdled down to? Come on, people, at least TRY to make an effort and make it look like freaking bigfoot!

    People in the old days would at least put some time and effort into their hoa… I mean, Bigfoot sightings. Rent a damn bigfoot costume. Get the high school or college basketball captain to put it on. And add some blur effects in iMovie before uploading it. How hard can it be?!

  2. Don’t you know it! Unintential or not, the things are pretty sad in terms of “evidence” and, seriously, people should be less credulous.

  3. Hmm. Has anyone looked into the possibility that the image that you have cited may be “Friday” from ‘Robinson Crusoe on Mars’?

  4. When I saw the iPhone bigfoot video, my first thought was “wow, the zoomed in part of the video has almost no pixelation artifacts.” Low quality video zoomed in that close would never look that good. I would guess that the original video was hi-def and then cropped to look like an iPhone video.

  5. To me, that totally looks like a guy just got caught running through the woods. But the framing is awful convenient and who would be videoing that anyway?! Too many ??? O_o

  6. The “evidence” we are being shown on Finding Bigfoot (Animal Planet)is laughable. I think that they know they have a new audience because it’s Animal Planet and are recycling the same tired stuff that has been available on the web for a long time. The dash cam video is being discussed on JREF if anyone is interested with hoax being the most likely explanation. The BFRO seems to find bigfoot everywhere but has not been able to present biological evidence or even a good picture in its’ entire history. I think we are doomed to viewing thermal images ad nauseum from this outfit. It’s scientifical though.

  7. Well, I laughed. Just to show the poor quality of research, there was a question about why the skunk ape smells bad. The correct answer was “methane” because it crawls into some spots that have methane gas released.

    Umm… They know this how? The thing has not been documented to exist yet they know it’s behavior? Ridiculous. Oh, nevermind that methane is an odorless gas. Facts, schmacks. This is TV!

    Yep. Scientifical. My most and least favorite word. 🙂

  8. It’s worse than you think, the methane comes from alligator dens! I hope you don’t mind that I have stolen your word scientifical, it has become one of my favorites and is completely well placed regarding the BFRO.

  9. Oh yeah! That bit was so stupid it didn’t register and I forgot it. :-p

    Use the word all you want. Hope it gets into common use.

  10. Even more scientifical research on Finding Bigfoot this past Sunday. They use electrical tower rights of way to move about quickly, one made 12 foot strides left as muddy foot prints on a driveway. Didn’t exactly explain where the mud came from and why they didn’t look there for footprints. In the last segment, they were allegedly within 50 yards of a ‘squatch’ according to Cliff Barackman but Matt Moneymaker seems to disagree but we are again treated to many thermal images. Apparently, thermal cameras are the only way to film bigfoot except for the Patterson/Gimlin film.

  11. Why don’t they ever go after the thing shown by the thermal cam? Even if it walks or runs away that is more to analyze.

  12. Don’t know if you have seen it yet but an interview with a man named Richard Stubstad is now on the web. He is a former member (I guess) of the Erickson Project, but was let go by Dr. Melba Ketchum in what appears to be a power struggle. He is saying that he has dna samples and those samples show bigfoot to be 100% Homo Sapiens Sapiens matching dna of human samples from the Franco-Cantabrian Glacial Refuge in Europe. This is not the anticipated information from The Erickson Project, it is supposed to be his samples alone although where they came from is not mentioned. The obvious question of wheather or not they are simply dna samples of modern man is explained by the fact that two samples from geographically distant places in the US both match the Franco-Cantabrian dna. My skeptcal flag is flying high but, as always, present real evidence and I’ll listen.

  13. New stuff regarding bigfoot dna from Robert Lindsay is now posted and, I think, continues to paint bigfooters into the “bigfoot is human” corner. The idea that we should not shoot bigfoot seems to be the fall back position for a lot of footers at the moment but the ‘samples’ allegedly being tested by Dr. Melba Ketchum with the Erickson Project are supposed to be from two young bigfeet shot by someone, somewhere. It makes you wonder how Jeff Meldrum will react to all this ‘human’ stuff given his investment in apelike primates with a mid-tarsal break. Many in the bigfoot community seem to be eagerly awaiting the dna ‘revelation’, but, I think in the end it will be the same old same old and crappy evidence without provenance with the footers carping about all of us who’s minds are not open.

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