Well done, Skeptics

I’m quite pleased with this exchange at the PA skeptical site Keystone Society for Rational Inquiry. A guest poster noticed an article in the local paper about a new alternative therapy – Himalayan salt cave – and looked into it. What was found can benefit lots of people and can assist people in make more informed choices.

Skeptics say “what”? This “salt cave” stuff obviously rings bells that go “woo woo”. And, well it should. There were some obvious issues about credentials and research and consequences. Check out the comments to see how proponents argue for their POV when the criticism may take away from their businesses’ credibility. This exchange is quite full of logical fallacies which I can spot but am not very good at labeling.

What is not posted here are details regarding another individual who contacted the salt cave people with polite questions. I’ve done this myself in other situations. Well, the individual got mad because they were duped into saying more “sciencey” stuff that was actually very silly. It’s interesting to wonder how they would have answered had they been aware of a person’s critical thinking skills or science background. And, it’s quite telling to think the answers given might have been different (or not forthcoming).

Anyhow, this is why skeptics need to speak up and question such claims. You do not have to be an expert; you just need to ask questions. These questions sting! Well done, skeptics!

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  1. Kudos to Brian Fields. He is truly a skeptic juggernaut (and a patient one, at that!) 🙂

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