Miracle Detectives Followup – I love the internet

I had a fabulous online talk with Miracle Detective co-host Indre Viskontas.

She was kind enough to contact me via email after seeing my initial post on this blog back in April 2010 when the show was cast. I followed up to tell her my thoughts on the show (on The Oprah Network). I thought she would make a great interview for SheThought website so here is one version of an interview.  More of the interview will be appearing in a future issue of Skeptical Inquirer.

I learned a lot from listening to her. She emphasized points on questioning that can help in situations where witnesses are telling you about a dramatic, often emotional event in their lives. How can you tell if they are telling the truth? How can you approach supernatural stories? What’s it like to do a TV series? She gave me insight and a new appreciation for careful investigation and translating science to television.  Please check it out! Shethought post

I would not have been able to make her acquaintance without the internet. Without internet tools, I wouldn’t know a tenth of the people I call “friends”. In this day of social networks and digital messages, I am so grateful to be able to communicate my thoughts to so many and connect to anyone with a similar situation or someone who can provide advice and relate their experiences. I feel SO fortunate for all the friends across the world that I can talk to and learn from. They are just a tweet, message, email or skype call away.

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