From Ontario: another furless mystery animal

Why does furless = mystery?

First, the Montauk Monster… it was a raccoon.
Then, that poor Golum-like creature in Panama … sloth.

Now the Big Trout Lake Monster from Ontario, Canada..

I call muskrat.

Doesn’t that seem more logical than an “omajinaakoos”? How about we consider comparison to local animals first? Mmmkay?

Why does everything get labeled ‘mysterious’ when it doesn’t take too much to reach a more rational explanation? Are we THAT disconnected from nature that we get freaked out over common creatures? And, puh-leeze, why is EVERYTHING a monster?! That word is highly overused.

UPDATE: DoctorAtlantis says mink. Great call – and a day before Cryptomundo.


8 thoughts on “From Ontario: another furless mystery animal

  1. I think it is not a muskrat, but an otter (look at the theets).

    Nice blog!

  2. I disagree. Otter has smaller facial features and is more streamlined. But, it could be a big one!

  3. My first thought was otter, but after closer inspection of the photos, and physical description I would be prepared to bet that it is a drowned stoat.

  4. What’s the difference between stoats, minks, and weasles? I don’t think we use “stoats” anymore in the states as a common name but I remember hearing it once in a 1950s Bugs Bunny cartoon.

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