It’s been a few interesting days for the skeptical community’s Twitter and blogs. For the record, I was frequently appalled at the discussion. Some did a fine job of keeping a cool head (like Heidi Anderson) and others just held their tongue. Others (like Daniel Loxton) continued their well-played understated calm. That pleased me.

Expletive-filled tweets do not please me. Arrogance and ‘tude makes me grouchy.

Skepticism to me is about the process. We can get together as a group and do something for positive change via that process. But, let us remain civil.

I expect Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and PZ Myers to raise the banner of atheistic outrage and go forth. But, I wouldn’t expect the same from major skeptic groups. It’s as much about skepticism as it is about pop culture or sociology. It’s an issue for all of us. So, we are angry and we want the world to know.

I liked how Phil Plait put it all. I agree with his POV. Check it out.

Bad Astronomy blog: The Pope, the Church and Skepticism

This was a learning experience for all.

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