THIS! is why the whole question of Bigfoot is a joke.

Freaky Bigfoot, Farting Bigfoot, Peeping Bigfoot, Mexican Border Bigfoot…

There are so many poor quality and downright hoaxed videos on YouTube claiming to be of Bigfoot, it is silly. Any mention of a new Bigfoot video makes me cringe. Just how awful will it be?

I don’t understand why people bother to make these hoaxed videos. Can someone tell me why? The public is generally pretty good at laughing these episodes right off the webpage. But then there are some that invite question, like the IMAX production that supposedly caught a Bigfoot among a caribou herd.

Here is an example of a nice takedown of the video, thanks to the the Bigfoot Research Organization.

It’s a production guy manipulating the wildlife. Move on.

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