Growing Pennsylvania skepticism

Hi all. I have a lot crammed into 24 hours these days. But, I’ll take a moment here and there to jot down projects I want to do when I finish my schoolwork (EdM).

I’d really like to form a local skeptics group.

PA has some folks in Philly (PhACT, Skeptic Philly) and a Pittsburgh (CFI group and Steel City Skeptics). There have been a lot of freethought groups springing up too. Go here to see some. We have Drinking Skeptically left, middle and center. However, I would like a group that functioned as the go-to place for local news outlets to get a skeptical perspective. And, I’d like to be able to act on some situations that call for the voice of reason and science.

For now, I’d like to hear if you are interested. A fellow skeptic and I talked about arranging a Skepticamp here someday. That would be a great start. Let me know if you are interested in joining up to talk about skeptical topics in Southcentral PA. Email with your ideas. Maybe we can get an email or chat group up an moving as some first steps forward.

While I’m here, I would like to celebrate the launch of Grassroot Skeptics. They got me thinking that even starting small is a positive first step towards become a community presence. So, check them out. Hope you hear from you!

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