Cryptozoology community – where is it?

Hi everyone, visitors, critics:

I was just wondering… what’s happened to the cryptozoology community? Can someone let me know? I’m looking for the best breaking news, commentary and quality discussion.

Here’s what I found:

Cryptomundo is not worth looking at everyday. It’s a platform, not a discussion group. The stories posted are questionable in content and over-hyped. But, it’s good for breaking news, I guess. That is, if you can stop from rolling your eyes at the credulity. I have a bad attitude towards CM because my replies were censored or deleted. Because dissenting opinion was not allowed, that’s no place for discussion. So, it’s hard to go there knowing I’m not allowed to participate. I find the money requests distasteful as well. Perhaps if they acted more professional and welcoming, I might reconsider.

Since a discussion on my Cryptozoology-Sham Inquiry post was occurring on, I returned there and tried to post. I can’t get my posts to show up. They are in my profile as dead links and not visible in the thread. I’ve given up after 3 attempts and the moderator is unresponsive. Also, there are definitely web site problems and it’s a very web 1.0 format. Seems like a small group there.

There are various blogs and other old sites up. Some good, some awful.

I like Wildlife Mysteries, The Blogsquatcher and Jon Downes’ Still On the Track for daily news. Darren rules when he geeks out on cryptids. He is my source for carcass explanations. I don’t frequent those forums that spin off from the mystery mongering sites. Nor have I frequented the Bigfoot specialty forums. It’s too bad there isn’t a good general forum.

Any recommendations?

(I suuuuuurrrrrre wish Monster Science had a forum and more content! Hint, hint.)

4 thoughts on “Cryptozoology community – where is it?

  1. Thanks for the mention!

    You know, there really isn’t anywhere for general crytpozoology discussion, at least that I know of, that doesn’t suffer from one problem or another.

    By the way, I appreciate your reasonable skepticism, so when I go off on skeptics I am not talking about you. Though I am about to go argue with you in your “sham cryptozoology” post..

  2. Thanks! I appreciate your appreciation. I enjoy your posts too. Hence, the mention. Please read my post on blobjects too.

    I think you might find something to chew on there.

  3. I know what your going through. Perhaps if you look for “bigfoot” trackers it may help you ….on the fresh bases of what is happening today. On there is plenty of Bigfoot trackers that document what they do every time they get out . They plublish the video as soon as they can. Sometime just hours , after getting out of the woods. This thing is real, and for humans not to understand why it won’t or can’t be exposed to the human population? is that its not a stupid primate at all. I see this bipedal primate smater than man as we know them. Exist where humans die within minutes, eat foods humans would just throw up, walk distances only your mind would see impossible. A super human? I think they are more than a human weak link. Lets just say…we are the termites waiting to distruct.

  4. Well, I agree with you that there is a lack of serious cryptozoology sites on the web. Some are awful and many are just “copy and paste” sites repeating unsubstantiated claims and sightings. Most pseudoscientific sites pack UFOs, Nessie, Bigfoot and ESP together.
    I (in a totally immodest style) will recommend my blog: Made in Argentina by an Argentine. I am trying to set the record straight on the many Patagonian cryptids that can be found posted around the Internet. Going to the sources and if possible linking to them so that any one can read the stuff straight from the horse’s mouth.
    Nice site. I’m kind of skeptical too!

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