There seems to be nothing exciting going on these days in the paranormal world. Oh, sure there is the current UFO flap that peaked with the O’Hare report and the Black Triangles. But, honestly, I’ve not been keeping up because UFOs don’t grab me (at least one hasn’t grabbed me yet).

All the air has gone out of Cryptomundo for me lately. Are things really so blah or is it just me?

It is Spring (so says the calendar) which may account for the lack of fun stories meant to break up the winter blues. Since a real Spring has yet to appear in the northeastern U.S., many of us are incubating viruses and passing them on. (ah-CHOO!) My daffodils, with their heads hung low, look miserable. Much like how I feel.

As frequently happens to me, I go through phases of interest. Sometimes I go on a writing jag, sometimes I devour books. I’m not in the mood to do either. I’ve been listening to music, been feeling I should pick up the gee-tar again, checking out new tunes in my favorite pop-punk category and adding to my LaLa want list.

Thanks to my current infatuation with My Chemical Romance: The Black Parade, I’ve painted my nails black, texturized my hair and threw out all my wool blazers and turtlenecks. My 3-year old is bopping along in the back seat to Dead! and Famous Last Words

Why do people sing about death? Dress like vampires? Like to watch horror movies? I can’t imagine it so I’d like to know. I’ve always been fascinated by gothic and vampire themes. But, take note: just because it’s really fun to get into these things does not mean that there is any validity to them. Plus, they’re probably unhealthy for your psyche too.littlegw.jpg

I end this rambling thought-spillage with a parental moment: What will my children use on me to rebel? They can’t get me with the occult/paranormal, heavy metal, punk, goth (“Dye your hair purple? Cool, let’s go!”) Been there, done that. So, perhaps I’ll rue the day my girls become born again Christians who like country music. Then, I’ll know I failed as a parent.

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