Happy holiday season to all.

Wecome to the Doubtful blog. Before I begin posting in earnest, I’ll describe what this blog will be about.

First, I want to be clear – I am not a hardnosed skeptic. Caution (and, therefore, doubt) is a virtue. I will weigh each issue thoughtfully. I don’t like debunking and have pretty liberal ideas about what could possibly be going on in the world regarding the paranormal, cryptozoology and anomalous phenomena. Let’s be real – proof of Bigfoot or the real sea serpent would be awesome and I hope I see it in my lifetime.

That said, I am a scientist by profession (geologist) and want to believe that people are generally good and their stories are mostly truthful. But, life is not that simple and there are very human factors to consider when weighing the “evidence”.

Currently, I’m a bona fide agnostic regarding Bigfoot, lake monsters, ghosts, etc. I am more apt to set limits on what I think can be happening and pick the most parsimonious than to assume some far-reaching, paradigm-shifting theory is true. It will take a good bit more quality evidence to make me commit on some the topics mentioned.

I enjoy reading and talking about those things and, I hold out some hope that they are genuine. I decided to do my own blog because of that. Also, writing about these things helps one to develop one’s own ideas better and, like peer review, allows others to point out the weaknesses in our interpretation.

Here are the sites I visit daily from which I get my “news of the strange”:

The Anomalist

Sci Tech Daily

and my favorite blogs are:


Tetrapod Zoology (Darren Naish)

and Lifehacker

Thanks for joining me. Watch for upcoming posts on indistinct visual “evidence” and a book review of “Lake Monster Mysteries” by Radford & Nickell.

Sharon Hill

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