Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic


Another busy week!

The Huffington Post piece on hoaxes last week seemed to get good circulation, especially among paranormal folks JUUUUST a bit fed up with empty promises and lousy endings. I’m working on a followup on hoaxing these days.

I also got some promotions for my last post, on paranormal politics. That was sort of a brain dump. Got me thinking. Hope it helped others. I was so glad to see people like America’s Most Haunted (radio show) promote it. That was gratifying.

Kitty’s new piece triggered me to set up this facebook page

Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic

and, so far, it’s ALSO getting a good response, filling up with nice people who just want to talk about paranormal stuff and explore. Come on over, post some positive links.

On this week’s Virtual Skeptics, I talked about the Sylvia Browne circus. Check it out below. Meanwhile, the piece on Doubtful News on Sylvia’s Epic Fail did very well in hits. I am overjoyed to see her getting some well-deserved negative attention. And, I was also very pleased to talk to Winston Ross from The Daily Beast yesterday: What Psychic Sylvia Brown Didn’t See – The Daily Beast.

Meanwhile this week, I official started my own business, and my wikipedia page was on Did You Know from page for a while. Very cool stuff.

I think that’s enough for this week.

PZ who?

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One thought on “Your Friendly Neighborhood Skeptic

  1. What is your own business and is there anyway we skeptics can help support it? I mean unless it’s placebo bands that keep away ghosts. Ah heck I’ll buy one of those if necessary.

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